2019: Year in Review

This day last year we were in our new farm, nearly floating after 3 solid months of rain. We had finally managed to get all of our equipment, livestock, greenhouse and store moved over in addition to our furniture and personal belongings. Everything had been moved, but it was basically sitting in piles all around us.

B1BA5814-D3EE-4492-B72A-CFECAB1B8ED5Eventually with a lot of help from friends and volunteers we got the greenhouse resurrected and had a handle on the equipment. But after a couple MORE months of rain, the new farm was under so much water that we knew there was no way the tractor was going to be able to get through in order to turn dirt. So we focused on the things we COULD do like starting seeds.

We ended up sowing the new growing areas about a month behind schedule, but by some miracle we were ready for market season! We had even managed to make it to all the winter markets as well and even co-oped with Saint Basil Farm and Ellijay Mushrooms to add variety to our offerings.

We had a wonderful market season at Hub City Farmers’ Market and even managed to participate for 10 weeks at Greer Farmers Market. We expanded our sales in a few other areas as well!

Our new property offers us some very creative ways to grow our business like our very own Airbnb, wedding and event hosting, festivals, field trips, etc. These opportunities to bring people to the farm do so much to raise awareness of the local food industry!


In addition to the increased on-site activity and our largest CSA membership to date, we also expanded our wholesale business, particularly in supplying HCFM’s Mobile Market and Farm Bag programs. These programs are helping to fill the gap in Spartanburg County’s food deserts, and we are so happy to be a part of that!

Take a look at what we accomplished last year:

  • Grew 6,000 lbs. of vegetables.
  • Produced 1,000 dozen eggs.
  • Produced 250 gallons of goat milk.
  • Made 200 lbs. of goat milk soap.
  • Sold 1,500 vegetable and herb plants.
  • Attended every Saturday HCFM (40 total) and 10 Greer markets.
  • Supplied 240 weekly CSA shares.
  • Created 8 Loyal Buyers Groups which helped to support 4 other local businesses.
  • Supplied the HCFM Mobile Market 13 times and HCFM Farm Bag 8 times.
  • Wholesaled to 5 retail outfits.
  • Conducted 400 on-site sales.
  • Re-gained our Certified Naturally Grown status on our brand new property.
  • Established our Farm Store after moving the building from the old location.
  • Hosted 3 Farm Festival events.
  • Renovated the farmhouse and hosted 23 Airbnb stays.
  • Taught several gardening and soap making classes.
  • Hosted several field trips.
  • Hosted one wedding and several smaller luncheons and events.
  • Hosted 30 portrait sessions.

All of that happened on this BRAND NEW FARM!

We had such a great year, and we owe our customers a great big THANK YOU for helping us make that happen! We hope you will continue to shop here for your winter vegetables as we still need your support! There are so many ways you can do that—check out our new Loyal Buyers Groups which allow you to place your order on FB and then pick up at a location closer to home! Of course you can also choose to pick up on the farm. We will also be participating in the HCFM Winter Markets on January 18, February 15, and March 21 at Ciclops Cyderi & Brewery.

We have been blessed beyond measure, and our mission is to continue to serve our community and other small farms and businesses by working together to grow this local food industry. Thank you, and happy New Year!



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