2016 In Review

Our little farm has had a very exciting year! Thanks to all of you, we ran a successful Indiegogo campaign,

appreciation-dinner held our first farm-to-table dinner on site,

brought our first kids into the world, started milking goats and making cheese, ice cream, and soap,

doubled our gross sales, started our Bounty Baskets,

participated in the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association Upstate Farm Tour for the second year,

root-vegetablesgrew over 3,000 lbs. of produce,

greenhouse-may2sold over 1,000 plants,

etsy-announcementopened our Etsy shop,

me-on-tractor-in-a2bought a tractor,

christmas-2016-family-picand went full-time with our endeavor.

As with every experience, we learned a lot. We learned a little more about how to grow a variety of products for our customers without stretching ourselves too thin. We learned a little about carrying products from other local farms to make your shopping on-site with us more convenient. It was a difficult year concerning the weather, but we learned a few things about working smarter and not harder. Farming is a constant learning curve, and there will always be obstacles that we aren’t expecting; we’ve come to expect that much at least. 🙂

We have big plans for next year including doubling our gross sales yet again, opening a brick and mortar store on site, starting a CSA, participating in more markets, and increasing our wholesaling so that our products can be found in more retail establishments. We are opening up our Friday mornings for field trips for small school groups this spring. We are also devising a class schedule to teach others in the community how to get their own gardens started, make their own food with vegetables from their own gardens, how to process their own chickens, how to make soap, how to care for other livestock, etc. These classes will be taught by us as well as other farmers in the Upstate. While we are considering what topics to cover, we’d love to hear from you! What kinds of classes would you like to see available here on the farm?

As we close down the farm for a short break and put the land to rest until we wake her up again for the next season, we reflect on the amazing bounty of the year and incredible journey that we are on. We couldn’t do this without the loyalty of our customers. You are the reason we can continue to serve. We do hope that you will keep in close contact to see the big things that we are about to accomplish. It’s been an amazing year, but it’s only getting better!

In the meantime, please remember that while we are not selling our famous Bounty Baskets, we will continue to provide fresh pastured and organic-fed eggs, plus a few other products like kale, arugula, and Romaine; and there is always goat milk soap as well!


A very happy New Year from all of us here at Harp & Shamrock Croft!

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