Fall Is Finally Here

Wow! That was a hot one.

The summer was such a challenge given the constant high temps and no rain. Through it all though, we managed to get our fall crops in and made the best of it. We thought we would share a few pictures.



fbool-collageWe tried a different radish, top left, his fall. It has done outstanding.


We are still going strong on hot peppers. Our golden max green beans have really popped too. In the last two weeks, we have picked almost 15 lbs.


Tis the season for leafy greens. We went heavy on arugula and kale this year. So far, the arugula has been outstanding. Kale has struggled due to aphids. We are just having trouble getting the kale under control.

buttercrunch-lettuceTo hit the shelves soon…lettuce. This is a close up of our buttercrunch lettuce. We hope to have this available for sale next week.


I just had to show off the new toy. We were desperately in need of a tractor and made the commitment back in August. It has already helped us improve our growing areas. Back in the spring, we could not control the weeds and grass as we used a tiller to cultivate beds. The dirt was not turned over enough to ensure grass would not push through. With the tractor and plow, we have seen some grass and weed growth in these same gardens, but it has been easily manageable.


Using the tractor was surprisingly easy. We bought a 12″ turn plow, attached here, and a 12 disc harrow to work on these growing areas. The results have just been amazing.



If you are interested in having any tractor work done to prep your garden for the coming Spring, please reach out as we would like to help. Our rates are competitive.


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