Spring and Summer Work

We know it’s ben a while since we last posted. Our apologies. But given what we have been doping (e.g., goat kids, planting, farmers’ markets, farm tour, etc.) it’s a bit tough to sit down at a computer to write sometimes. Nothing better though than to show what e have been doing through pictures. Take a look at the bounty so far:

Greer Citizen



We were contacted by The Greer Citizen in early June to talk about being on the farm tour again. It has ben a great year for media coverage as The Spartanburg Herald Journal and Fox News local have covered us.




Squash and Zuke



We planted over 55 cucumber plants and a slew of squash and zucchini. Everything has been coming in nicely.






Market season kicked on in late-March. It’s ben a very successful year so far. New to the table this year has been the addition of beets and onions. We transplanted the beets this year as previous year harvests have been bad. We did something right as we are still selling these. Onions were a great addition too. We sold the last of our early onion, but have others that will be ready soon as well as started seeds for the Fall.


Jenni had an idea this year to help us maximize our work. She created what is called the Bounty Basket. Each week before market harvest, we send out on Social Media what we have available and how many baskets. It’s a variety that changes each week and even includes the goat milk soap. The endeavor has been a sheer success and the feedback on our produce has been amazing.

Bounty Basket IILettuce eggs peas etcBounty Basket



Goat milk soap was an endeavor that we wanted to try given the great, and excessive, amount of milk we have now. It’s been a huge hit. During the farm tour recently, people really found it to be a great buy and excited to try it at home. We have plenty available!





Stay tuned for more great updates!

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