The Real Cost of Farming the Hard Way

We’ve been fortunate enough to be harvesting enough produce to support two Saturday markets, the Hub City Mobile Market, and most recently the Hub City Wednesday Market. We feel very blessed to be able to participate in all of these markets. Our customers and market staffs are just incredible.

wed market july 2015 2

wed market july 2015

We so appreciate our regular customers. You guys really get it. You understand how hard we and all the other farmers and vendors are working. You understand the blood, sweat, and tears, not only of growing but also of trucking this stuff out to the market every chance we get. You understand the other side of building and running a business that we started from nothing but a few seeds and some dirt. We thank you for coming back every week and for appreciating the taste and healthfulness of a homegrown, heirloom, no-chemicals-added tomato that was just picked this morning but has been in the works from the time we placed a seed in dirt in the greenhouse back in February and eventually transplanted into the ground. And was likely picked while a toddler climbed on me or was picked before coffee this morning, perhaps even while the rest of the world was still in bed. We owe a word of thanks to the customers who don’t balk at the cost (merely $3 per pound) of a tomato grown under those conditions. Because even though you might be paying more for our tomatoes than you would pay at a grocery store, you’re getting so much more when you buy from us or any of the other farmers. And you know that. So thank you so, so much.

3 thoughts on “The Real Cost of Farming the Hard Way

  1. Your veggies look mouthwateringly beautiful!

    I don’t know how you do all that you do every day. You’re seriously amazing, and it comes through in your produce.


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