Plants for Sale! $3

We have posted this information on our Facebook page, but for your convenience, we will post it here, too. We have all of our plants with us at the Hub City Farmers’ Market in Spartanburg on Saturday mornings, but you can also contact us to make an appointment to buy plants on site. Thank you!

All plants are grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides in our South Carolina-inspected and certified greenhouse. All plants are $3 and should be available in April and May.

Tomatoes (all indeterminate. All of our seeds are purchased from Heavenly Seed, LLC in Anderson, SC):
Black Cherry (65 days): One-ounce black cherry tomatoes with rich tomato flavor (a farm best seller in 2014!).
German Pink (85 days): Potato-leaf plants produce large one-pound meaty fruits with few seeds, very little cracking or blossom scars. Full sweet flavor. Excellent for canning and freezing.
Green Zebra (72 days): A delicious salad tomato. 3-4 oz. fruit turns a yellow blush when ripe with accentuating darker green stripes. Productive over a long season. Organic.
Moskvich (60 days): One of the most appealing extra-early tomatoes. Deep red tomatoes have a smooth texture and rich taste. Fruits average 4-6 oz., smooth and glove-shaped. Organic, heirloom.
Red Brandywine (85 days): This old Amish heirloom dates back to 1885. Large red fruit. Heirloom.
Roma (75 days): Excellent variety for the home garden. Block, red 3” long plum-shaped fruit are meaty with fewer seeds. Excellent for sauce, paste, juice, and canning. Organic.
Small Red Cherry (75 days) High-yielding small red ¾-oz. cherry tomatoes. Very sweet.

Peppers: all of our seeds are bought from Heavenly Seed, LLC in Anderson, SC.
California Wonder (75 days); This large, thick-walled, juicy, sweet bell pepper is one of the most popular. 4” fruit turns bright red.
Carolina Cayenne (70 days): Home garden and commercial use. Fruit excellent for pickling, sauces, dehydration, and fresh market. Mature fruits are a bright, deep red and are quite pungent (80,000-100,000 SHU). Produces excellent yields and high level of resistance to southern rootknot nematode. Plants are strong, uniformly branched, and may reach a height of 24-36 inches.
Jaloro Jalapeno (70 days): Yellow jalapeno pepper developed by Texas A & M. Fruit is a beautiful golden yellow before turning orange then red, making for a beautiful show on compact plants. Just as hot as regular jalapenos. Plants are resistant to six viruses that threaten peppers.

Herbs (All seeds are bought from GMO-free sources): English Lavender, Greek Oregano, Italian Giant Parsley, Rosemary (currently sold out), Sage, Thyme, Chives, Basil, Dill, Mint, Borage

In addition to our tomato, pepper, and herb plants, we will also have a limited number of lettuce variety packs, squash, zucchini, and cucumber plants.

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